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Most dental treatments involve the use of a local anesthetic. After the anesthetic wears off it is natural that you might experience some slight soreness or low-grade pain. In order to prevent or minimize this we recommend that you take 2 Advil every 4 – 6 hours for 24 hours following your appointment. Remember, preventing pain is much easier than stopping it after it starts.

It is best not to eat any solid foods when you have a numb cheek, lip or tongue in order to prevent the chance of biting yourself. Eat soft foods like ice cream, pudding or soup until the tissue feels normal again.

Common Symptoms After The Use of Local Anesthetic:

  • Sensitivity to cold or chewing on the tooth/ teeth treated
  • A dull ache to the area where the local anesthetic was given
  • Tenderness around your gums

Should you experience any significant pain that might require a stronger medication or if your bite feels off do not hesitate to call as soon as possible so that Dr. McMurdo can more appropriately evaluate your needs and concerns.

After hours Dr. McMurdo’s emergency number is (780) 814-8232. If you are unable to reach him please leave a message and Dr. McMurdo will return your call as soon as possible.