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A white smile is the envy of many people; but rarely is a smile naturally perfectly white! Many factors influence the shade of our teeth. The foods we eat and the liquids we regularly drink are a major influence on the colour of our teeth. Despite flossing and brushing, many people are left with less-than-white teeth, and this can often affect confidence when smiling.

We at Dental Care Centre offer professional teeth whitening options! Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems is the best whitening system on the market, available exclusively through dental professionals. With its varying strengths of formulations, we are able to provide the product that is right for you!

Our Teeth Whitening Procedure
Our teeth whitening procedure involves taking an accurate shade of the present colour of your teeth for future comparisons. Impressions are then taken, and once poured this provides us with a replica of your teeth from which we fabricate the whitening trays. With most patients we start the whitening process with the top arch (teeth) and then proceed to the lower arch. Not only does this help the patient become settled with the procedure but allows you to see the difference of before and after sooner.

At the first appointment we take the shade and the impressions. The second appointment is where we deliver the whitening trays to you, usually within a couple of days. Over the next few weeks we like patients to come in for one or two visits so that we can monitor the whitening and provide additional syringes. The whitening trays can be worn in the evening for two to three hours. It does not need to be worn longer than three hours.

What is unique about our teeth whitening system is our service. Teeth whitening is accomplished within two to three weeks after starting the program. However, whitening maintenance is a long-term process. It is recommended that whitening trays be worn every six months for two to three hours, and we are here to help you maintain a beautifully white smile for many years to come!

Looking to whiten your teeth? Book a free whitening consultation, and we can determine if teeth whitening is the right fit for you!