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We are pleased to offer full Invisalign services to our patients here in Grande Prairie!

Wanting a beautiful smile without the hassle of braces? Invisalign is the popular orthodontic treatment that many people are using to help achieve a straighter smile. Its invisible nature is highly appealing for many and it creates the same straight smile braces does.

How Invisalign Works

Using a mold of your teeth taken at our office, a custom Invisalign cast is created for your mouth. It works to shift your teeth without the noticeable nature of braces. You will be prescribed a custom treatment plan by our dentist and will have appointments throughout your treatment time to measure progress, receive updated straighteners, and ensure that you are achieving the results desired. You will be recommended on how many hours a day to wear your Invisalign straighteners, as well as any other care instructions suited to your case.

Overall, Invisalign is a low-maintenance alternative to braces. The cleaning and care is much less than traditional braces, and you don’t have to worry about hiding metal in any of your pictures! We want you to love you smile – and Invisalign helps you achieve this without the self-conscious hesitancy many feel about traditional braces.

Invisalign in Grande Prairie

Looking to have a straighter smile? Book an appointment today for your free Invisalign consultation!