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We are pleased to offer fillings in Grande Prairie! Perhaps the most common of all dental procedures, fillings are provided for patients who experience tooth decay due to cavities, or for cosmetic purposes, such as repairing broken or discoloured teeth. White fillings, also known as composite fillings, have replaced the use of amalgam, or silver, fillings, and have helped drastically improve the aesthetics of fillings.

The first step to white fillings is preparing the tooth (or teeth) for the filling by thoroughly removing all decay from the tooth. Performed in a series of layers consisting of adhesive or bonding gel and composite resin, each filling layer is hardened using a special LED light until the desired level is achieved. The filling is then shaped and polished to help achieve a natural bite and look for your tooth.

White fillings are an affordable and durable solution for tooth decay, and are also used to repair cracked or chipped teeth, giving you a natural and complete smile. While a successful treatment for tooth decay and imperfections, white fillings may not offer a permanent solution and could one day fail and need to be replaced. We at Dental Care Centre are pleased to offer replacement fillings for past failed fillings and for amalgam fillings, helping you achieve a whiter smile!

Suspect you might have a cavity, lost a filling, or looking to replace your silver fillings? Let our office know and come in for an assessment!