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Our Grande Prairie dentists are happy to offer high quality crowns! Crowns are offered to help protect weakened teeth, including teeth that are significantly worn down, cracked, root canal treated, or have a very large filling which is compromising its strength. It is placed on top of your natural tooth to help restore the tooth and prevent further damage. Shaped and coloured to match your teeth, crowns can help protect your teeth for many years while still providing you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Crowns are completed in a series of appointments here in Grande Prairie. After initial assessment and diagnosis, your tooth will be prepared for the placement of a crown. On your first visit, you will receive a local anesthetic to prevent the feeling of any pain. The dentist will then file down the tooth, create space surrounding the entire tooth, and take an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth to achieve an accurate cast of your mouth.

Once the impression is completed, you will receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your permanent crown is created and placed. The impression is sent to a local dental lab in Grande Prairie, Staindent Dental Lab, where a crown is custom created to perfectly fit over your tooth and between any surrounding teeth.

On your next appointment, you will once again receive a local anesthetic. The temporary filling is removed and the custom crown is placed over your tooth. The dentist then bonds the permanent crown to the tooth and ensures that it fits perfectly, helping you regain a strong bite and natural look and feel.

You will receive post-appointment care instructions to help you maintain the health and strength of your crown for years to come.

Needing a crown for one or more of your teeth? Let us know!