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 From start to finish, our Grande Prairie dentist is pleased to create and place high quality bridges for our patients! A bridge is an excellent option to replace a missing tooth. It does exactly what the name implies – it is anchored to two surrounding teeth and covers a gap caused by a missing tooth to provide a continuous smile! Bridges are beneficial in preserving your mouth and bone structure following the loss of a tooth.

A bridge is completed in several appointments in Grande Prairie. We begin by shaping the teeth on either side of the space for crowns. Once the teeth have been reshaped, molds are taken of the entire area and are then sent to a local lab in Grande Prairie, Staindent Dental Lab. You will receive a temporary bridge until your permanent bridge can be placed.

The lab custom makes your bridge to fit the exact shape of your mouth. Between the two crowns is placed an artificial tooth to fill in the gap. At your next appointment, you will receive your permanent bridge, which will be installed by bonding the two crowns to your teeth and ensuring the artificial tooth fits perfectly in line with the surrounding teeth. Your new tooth will be made to feel as real as possible, giving you back better function of your mouth as well as a great looking smile!

Call and book an appointment today for a full assessment of your teeth and find out how a bridge may help with any missing teeth!