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Dental care needs can range from straightforward procedures to more complex processes. At Dental Care Centre, we are pleased to provide a full range of general, restorative, surgical, and cosmetic dental services.

We place the highest importance on your overall oral health. Our dentists work to thoroughly examine every part of the mouth and make diagnoses based on the patient’s history using various diagnostic tools. They then clearly present solutions and treatment plans aimed at resolving and preventing any problems.

We are focused on not only providing treatments, but to help educate each patient on our procedures to help them make well-informed decisions regarding their oral health. Because we place a high importance on oral health, we also strive to provide knowledge on preventative methods, helping to preserve and enhance your oral health for the future.

Our facility is an open, welcoming environment to help you feel comfortable and at ease during your appointment. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides us with the best means of cleaning and treating your teeth, helping ensure a successful outcome.

We are also pleased to offer technologies that can help ease dental anxiety, including various sedation options. We have also added botox to our range of services, to help treat jaw pain, as well as to expand our cosmetic field of services.

Find out more about our dental services, and book your appointment today!